Covid and Ticket Information

For your safety and to stop the spread of COVID, W Marshalls Amusements will now be classed as a travelling theme park allowing us to bring excitement directly to your town. There will be a one-off price for tickets which will allow Unlimited rides for two and a half hours! The steps are simple! Book your tickets online, pay for up to six people, fill in the track and trace and show up for your pre-booked time for some fun!

Arrive at your prebooked time slot and stay in your bubble

Tickets Inspected and temp taken via scanner

Please stick to one way signs at all times

Masks must be worn while riding all the attractions

Sanitise before and after every ride

Use the correct ride queue: prompted for family bubble or single rider

Our Attendants

  • For your safety, all attendants will be wearing PPE while operating the attractions and stalls
  • All rides will be cleaned before and after every session
  • Marshalls Amusements “RIDE ZONE” have the right to refuse entry or eject persons not following the safety rules

Sanitising Stations

All of our rides will be cleaned using a product that sanitises for up to 30 days. For your safety every ride will be sanitised before every session in that day, sanitiser stations and sanitiser bollards which are shown below will be spotted all around our events, please use them, they are free! 

Fog Sanitiser

Book a Ride

Please fill in the form below, stating what rides you are interested and your desired dates. One of our staff members will be in touch as soon as possible